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Cambridge primary checkpoint exams schedule can be found in latest news section...                                                                                                     Registration for new year: 2020-2021 is now open!!

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who we are

when you choose Oxford School you create a relationship with an organization that has an excellent reputation as the leader in international education. Our reputation will help strengthen the status of our school, as you become part of the golobal learning community. We listen carefully to our commnunity of schools to make sure we understand the needs of learners around the community. Oxford programmes and qualifications have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life. Our learners can be confident that the results they receive are fairly awarded against our consistent global standard. Together with parents, we develop oxford learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged-equipped for success in the fast-changing modern world.

Our Beliefs

  • Healthy mind and body, positive and behaviour help one focus and learn.
  • Pursuit of excellent whilst balancing the academic, aesthetic and athletic facets of education.
  • Teamwork between student, teachers and parents is critical to the overall learning process.
  • Encouraging students to take pride in their achievements and applaud others' achievement
  • Internationalism is vital for holistic education
  • Effective teaching in a safe, positive school environment enables children to develop academically and socially

Our Mission

To empower students with a holistic, rigorous and international education for success in an ever changing world.

Core Values

  • Achievement
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Academic Programme

English framework provides comprehensive set of learning objectives from English. The objective detail what the learner should know and what they should be able to do in each year of primary and secondary education. The function of the curriculum framework is to provide a structure for teaching and a reference against which learners' ability and understanding can be checked.

  • Set clear learning objective in English, Mathematics and Science for each of primary education.
  • Focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects which form an excellent foundation for future study.
  • Is compatible with other curricula, internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures.
  • Is suitable for learners whose first language is not English, with an optional English as a second language curriculum
  • We use cambridge framework which is flexible and you can use to tailor the curriculum according to our students' needs

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

  • Is a test to assess learning at the end of primary and provides evidence of readiness for the next stage
  • Is available for English, English as a second language, mathematic and science.
  • Test skills, knowledge and understanding at the end of primary(Grade 6) of the curriculum.
  • Tests are marked in cambridge to provide an international benchmark of learner performance.
  • Learners receive a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report
  • Oxford School is cambridge associated center
  • Oxford learners have the right to choose, checkpoint test as a test to reinforce their performance with the school's test

Secondary 2(IGCSE)

  • Secondary 2 includes(cambridge IGCSE)- the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 years old. Which has been designed especially for an international audience.
  • IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners with a wide range of abilities, including those whose first language is not English. It develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills.

We Also Have!!

Sudan Certificate(Grade 8), Sudan Oxford Academy offers Sudan Certificate Examination for our learners to reinforce their academic performance. Learners are going to study Sudan national curriculum with cambridge English curriculum to keep our students in the international track.

Our Classroom

  • Highly prepared.
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Ventilated Classes

Our Staff and Teachers

Qualification is our title. Our teachers are over qualified, patient and well understanding of our students' needs